The Facts

We need more than a band-aid to save our health system from this Federal Liberal Government.

In 2013 the Federal Liberal Government cut the health budget – to the tune of $655 million by 2019 in South Australia alone.

The Federal Liberal Government cancelled its agreement with all Australian states and territories on how hospitals would be funded over the next decade.

This means that by 2025, over $4 billion will be cut from South Australian hospital funding.

In the 2014 and 2015 Federal Budgets, the Liberals cut over $1.3 billion from preventative health programs.

From 2016, Federal Liberal Government revenue raising will also see the cost of prescriptions rise by $5 per script.

These federal liberal government cuts have left a gaping hole in South Australia’s health system.

These cuts undermine the principles of fair and equitable access.

How will this affect you? Read about the impacts.